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What is YRC Freight?

YRC, or Yellow Roadways Cooperation, is a registered and reputed LTC or Less Than Truckload Carrier based in Overland Park, Kansas, USA.

Founded in 1924, YRC has been operational in this domain for the past 94 years and offers services like YRC tracking for Truckload Direct, Intermodel Services, and many more. The service provider operates in US, Canada, and Mexico

In addition, it offers time-bound national and international transportation services for domestic and commercial usage using its vast logistic network, which is very similar to FedEx and USPS. Yellow YRC tracking facility is also excellent.

YRC Tracking

YRC tracking offers online package tracking services for all types of shipments. The YRC shipping tracking is quick and provides detailed information. You get to see details like delivery time, receiver’s information, delivery address, and charges to be paid, if any.

YRC shipping tracking is available soon after the package leaves the departure point. You can continue performing YRC pro tracking until the package is delivered.

How to Track My YRC Package?

For YRC tracking, customers need to enter the YRC freight tracking number in the Track section. Along with the Yellow freight tracking number, you can use the PRO number, Bill of Landing number, PO number, Load number, and booking number for quick YRC freight tracking.

For YRC freight PRO tracking, you need to enter 9 to 11 digits. It may or may not include hyphens, but while YRC is tracking pro numbers, you can skip adding them in your input.

Example: 99-999999-9

Whichever means you use for tracking YRC shipment, entering the correct details is vital. Any wrong entry won't be able to provide you with YRC package shipment assistance.

How Long Does YRC to Deliver Package?

The YRC package delivery time depends on multiple factors like distance between to, and fro destinations and the type of YRC freight services availed. For instance, if you pick Guaranteed Standard by 5 p.m. service, your package will be delivered the same day, latest by 5. p.m., if the location is within North America and Canada.

Use the Transit Tool to find out an estimate of your package’s delivery time. To get accurate results, we recommend you correctly enter the country, region, and postal codes of to and fro locations.

At What Time Does YRC Deliver Parcel?

YRC Freight is generally delivered by 5 PM or close of the business. If you avail Multi-Day Delivery Window service, you can define the delivery time of your parcel and use the YRC freight tracking number to track the package.

Depending upon the services you have availed, you can also get parcel deliveries on Holidays and Weekends.

Service Options YRC Freight

YRC Freight is best known for its extended service list that is designed to take care of both personal and professional shipping requirements.


Standard shipping is best when the package requires to be delivered by 5.00 p.m. anywhere in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Using the 250+ terminals, YRC Standard Shipping can deliver your parcel safely and sound. You also have the freedom to select multi-day delivery windows.

Time Critical

The Time Critical delivery service of YRC Freight is designed for urgent deliveries. It is capable of handling the delivery window as tight as one hour. The service uses means like air charters, flat beds, cargo vans, and dedicated trailers to ship urgent parcels. You have hours and days specific windows to choose from.

YRC shipping with Time Critical delivery is even possible on holidays.

Region Next-day Service

Region Next-day service is available for Texas, Mid-South, and Mid-Atlantic areas only, and using this service, it’s easy for businesses and individuals to schedule delivery of urgent regional shipments easily.

What Regions Does YRC Delivery Cover?

YRC package tracking and delivery is available in National & Regional U.S. and cross-border areas. This LTL carrier serves the US, Canada, the Domestic Ocean, and Mexico.

How to Ship With YRC Freight?

You can ship using the Terminal API and TMS.

If you decide to ship using Terminal API, use the tool to get terminal information and do quick YRC shipping tracking. It also offers Rate Quote API and Document APIs. More details here.

A business that needs extended shipping help can integrate YRC into their in-house TMS and manage Yellow Freight tracking over a single click.

Advantages When Choosing YRC Delivery

  • It’s a certified company with a long history of excellence
  • Offers a wide range of services
  • Both national and international shipments are handled seamlessly
  • YRC shipment tracking is easy
  • Multiple delivery options by YRC LTL tracking offer affordable package delivery.
  • Handles claims related to overcharges, lost shipping, and cargo damages promptly

Customer Service YRC Freight

YRC tracking customer service is available via phone and live chat.

How do I contact YRC Freight?

If you’re facing any troubles in accurate YRC package tracking, contact the YRC tracking customer service and use your YRC tracking number if required. A live chat feature is available from Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM TO 5:00 PM CT. You can call the customer care team at 1-800-610-6500 and 1-800-610-650 numbers.

A live chat feature is available from Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM TO 5:00 PM CT.

You can call the customer care team at 1-800-610-6500 and 1-800-610-650 numbers. 

The customer number is backed by an automated IVR system that provides many self-service options. You just enter your queries, and it will give apt answers.

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